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    The Language of Music

    There is no language more powerful than the language of music. Music crosses all cultural and linguistic barriers, and even though each nationality has its own musical style and format, today most people appreciate music that comes from all over the globe.

    Secularism, Media, Music and Culture - Part 1

    To discuss in detail the elements that gave rise to the predominantly Christianised, Western World becoming a largely secular society, could, in and of itself, involve a whole book. Great revolutionaries, like Voltaire and his ???Charter of Human Rights,??? and a range of other thought leaders of that era and beyond, who???s relativistic, humanistic philosophy began to seep into our educational systems, all played a role in setting the stage for a godless takeover of the Western, Christian mind-set.

    The Modern Music Industry

    From which spiritual tree is the rock and pop industry picking it's fruits and what is the dutiful response of a professed child of Christ when they find that that with which they are having friendship wish, is indeed rooted in the spiritual garden of Satan.

    Music & the Spirit of Rebellion

    Most of the information that I will be presenting in this chapter is material that has been presented many times with regard to the rock and pop music industry and the notorious happenings connected with it. Some of the data will also be new, and much of it, to say the least, will be shocking and sadly revealing.

    Socrates and Plato Talk Music

    Two of the most well known philosophers are recorded with having some very interesting ideas on the effects of music.